Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Party Monster

we used too 2 be ....

Jeremy Piven

yup .. he can get the business ...
i like smart-asses .

Kid Cudi

wooooooooo . shakin my head ..
i know most yall agree with him too ...
Fine Ass!!!

Louis Vuitton

see those green boots ... i want them .. without the white fluffy stuff lol

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olive Martini

8 pimento-stuffed green olives, manzanilla
2 teaspoons blue cheese
5 ice cubes
4 ounces ice-cold vodka
1 ounce extra dry vermouth

turn that frown upside down with this drink !!!

Who What Wear

i own it .. go out & get it .
RiGHHHT , NOWWW!!! ( Natalie's voice ) lol

Sarah Jessica Parker

She's always amazed me ...
Always funky , vintage , classic

Nike Ownzz

i have to have these . period . nuff said !!!
i used to rock the gladiators but not like these ..

Skinny Girl

created by: Bethenny Frankel
Its only 100 calories and is sold for $13 at your LOCAL liquor stores.
Great Drink !!

Anne Hathaway

she's funny , elegant , & she can definitely dress. i always love reading about her and her family background .