Saturday, February 26, 2011

DiG this

Stripes are SOOOOO in .. as well as OVER-SIZED sunglasses & Knit Sweaters w/ leggings .. Gooooo

CALi does get SNOW

what a LOVELY day in PALM SPRiNGS .. shopping , FOOD , & fun .


Spaghetti , Chicken Cutlet , Sautee'd Asparagus & French Loaf

Spaghetti w/ iTALiAN Sausage




SOOOooo , why did they CANCEL Two & HALF MEN ? because of this iDiOT !!! for $2million an EPISODE ... you better shut the F up and continue with your PORNSTARS & COCAINE !

CAR action while OUT w/ my GiRLS

get my BEST side 


dear SMiRNOFF ,

FUN-Times . KNOW that

The LATiN culture vs BLACK culture

so I was out earlier with my mom and we were talking about me MOViNG back home , and this HiSPANiC chick said " In our culture , your PARENTS take care of you til you MOVE out , after you move OUT and TRY & make it on your own , then you FAIL and move back they don't HELP you out anymore .  I was like " OH , in my CULTURE when your 18 you gotta MOVE out . My mom saying i can move back home was a SUPER . surprise to me. " I just THOUGHT that was interesting ..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

J. COLE w/ Drake Official video

In The Morning Official Video - J. Cole Feat. Drake from Jermaine Cole on Vimeo.

the BOSS

i do LOVE me some RiCK ROSS ..

New Zealand earthquake magnitude 6.3 hits Christchurch

The quake occurred at 12:51 p.m., during a normal workday in Christchurch, according to the US Geological Survey. The epicenter was relatively shallow –just 3 miles deep – and close, about 6 miles from the country's second largest city, where some 26,000 full-time employees work.
"Obviously this earthquake has taken place at a time where people have been going about their daily business. We're doing everything we can to make sure that people are safe and are evacuating the central city," said New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, about an hour after the quake hit. After an emergency cabinet meeting scheduled for 3 p.m. local time, the prime minister is scheduled to fly to Christchurch.
The city was struck by a force 7.1 quake last September, Reuters reports, which caused serious damage and dented the national economy but caused only minor injuries.
"The quake is significantly smaller than the previous Christchurch earthquake, however it was very shallow and might have been very close to the centre of the city," Civil Defence spokesman Vince Cholewa told the Herald.
NOTE: we are in OUR LAST DAYS 

Skills .. THANKS GOD !!!


Steak w/ Coconut Shrimp , Fries & Lobster Tails

Roasted Chicken w/ Rice & Corn

Carne Asada , Chicken , & Shrimp TACOS

Seared Pork Tenderloin ( LEAN ) , Asparagus , Mashed Potatoes (from scratch) & Artisan Baguette

Chicken Parmesan ( fresh basil )

SAVE the DATE ...

NLESS Dreams LLC Presents ...


July 23rd, 2011 

QUOTE me Wednesday

if you don't STAND for something ; YOU'LL fall for anything .

This 23-year-old CEO has FOUR rules for you ...

                                                                  No. 1
                                                Get out of your OWN way

                                                                  No. 2
                                                Do your HOMEWORK 

                                                                  No. 3
                                                  Talk like a GROWN-UP

                                                                  No. 4
                                               Don't tell PEOPLE your age


HEY !! did you KNOW ---->

COLLARD Greens come from the MEDiTERRANEAN ; & SWEET Potatoes come from ASiA ..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stuffed Pork Loin

all ill say if your skeptical of PORK , ill make you a believer through this PORK TENDERLOIN .. served with Sautee'd Broccoli & Roasted Rosemary & Garlic Potatoes .

QUOTE me Wednesday

" FASHIONS fades .. STYLE is ETERNAL..." - Yves Saint Laurent

" Maybe its my SWAGG "

shoutout to my ' LIL ' big homies Patrick Starr & Dolla ..


iCHEF .. Moroccan Cuisine ,,,

i served 20 members of my CHURCH a awesome DINNER last Sunday ..

                               North African Chicken Skewers & Couscous

Yellow Cake w/ Milk Chocolate Frosting ( ALL from SCRATCH )