Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Oooooohhh just so MANY ...

American Meal #Classic

Ground Turkey Sloppy Joes w/ Garlic Fries & a Strawberry Milkshake from scratch ! YUPPP

a BREAKFAST done by CHEF Amethyst

Belgian Waffle topped w/ strawberries & whipped cream : SIDE of : Turkey Bacon , Potatoes , & Egg Whites w/ Red Onions . #BOMB 



SOMETiMES I wish I could ACTUALLY feel for MEN . How could I feel this way being a CHRISTIAN and want KIDS and a HUSBAND. I want to LiKE, [ but ] i honestly JUST don't. THERAPY is in my FUTURE, I am AWARE of this . LOL

                                                                         - Amethyst

THESE will save your LIFE !!!

will have you looking SLIMMER , LEANER , TONED , and ADDICTED !!!

i SWEAR by THESE .. iam a ADDICT !!!

Your Fashion Questions , Answered

Q. With a bunch of DAY-TIME parties and events coming up, I need to find a cute outfit thats NOT too dressy or too casual. HELP !

Grab yourself a drapey Grecian dress. The style flatters CURVES big and small, and is appropriate day or night. Jennifer Hudson, looks like a million bucks in hers, but you can find versions at every price .

5 Ways to Have Your Best Month Ever

                               1. JOiN a SHAPE-UP Program 
                               2. Glam Up Your Wardrobe
                               3. Get a Sexy Date-Night look
                               4. Heat Up Your Love Life!
                               5. Realize You're AWESOME

UNSTOPPABLE : Black Women in Hollywood 2011

  1. Angela Bassett
  2. Viola Davis
  3. Loretta Devine
  4. Jennifer Hudson
  5. Amber Riley