Monday, April 26, 2010


MY " grocery list " can and/or should consist of :

- Romaine Lettuce or fresh Leafy Greens i.e. Leafy Lettuce , Spinach , Arugula
- String Cheese
- Fresh Fruits - Blueberries , Mango's , Strawberries , Pineapple , Grapefruit , Apples , Cantaloupes , Oranges , Bananas , Peaches , Grapes
- Pita and/or Flat bread ( whole wheat )
- Pasta , Bread ( whole wheat )
- Soups low-calorie/low-fat i.e. Chicken Noodle
- Water
- Acai Green Tea
- 100 calorie yogurts
- Egg Whites
- Whey or Casein Protein
- Chicken Breasts , Salmon (wild Alaskan) , Turkey Breast (lunch meat) , Top Round Steak & Flank Steak (grass fed beef) , Lean Ground Turkey , Bison & Buffalo , Trout
- Vegetables i.e. Broccoli , Asparagus , Mushrooms , Cucumbers , Zucchini , Green/Red/Yellow Bell Peppers , Onions
- Oatmeal Old Fashioned
- Yams
- Sweet Potatoes
- Brown Rice
- Multi-Grain Hot Cereal
- Beans

* include healthy fats like :
- Walnuts , Almonds , Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Flax seeds , Flax seed Oil (supplement) , Avocados

* Compliance rate of 95% ( meaning you have to give at least 95% of dedication ) means take 2 or 3 meals per week and have WHATEVER you want . Pizza , Sushi , Big Fatty Restaurant Steaks , etc ...

start off by working at least 3x a week . 40 mins or Cardio & 20 minutes of weights <-- do this if your trying to drop weight fast .

so what is the moral of ALL this --->

Recipe for Weight Loss (promise)

95% of that DiET
3x a week of working out . 40/20
a garnish of hard work & patience
shake & strain . pour over ice

The fight for the HOLLYWOOD sign

In an attempt to raise awareness of a new plan which would completely alter the appearance of the famous hillside, the sign does not say "Hollywood." This temporary situation is under the supervision of The Trust for Public Land. They want to buy Cahuenga Peak in order to stop the developers from purchasing and subdividing the land to build mansions around the famous sign. This would change the entire hillside and residents are outraged at the prospect that the sign could soon sit between mansions.

Half of the 12.5 million dollars needed to purchase the peak has already been raised. The remainder needs to be raised by April 14, 2010.

If they are successful in raising the funds and purchasing the property, the land around the Hollywood Sign will remain untouched.

Developing empty spaces is not new. As a matter of fact, the Hollywood Sign was originally erected to mark a new residential community. Through the years there have been problems for this famous landmark, and now developers want to build homes near the site, something local residents feel would alter the entire feel of the hill and the landmark itself.

This is not the first time the sign has been covered over, however this is perhaps the most crucial draping of the letters. If the funds are not raised by April 14, 2010 the development of the hill will most likely materialize and the famous landmark will be swallowed up by mansions.


Legalized Marijuana in CALiFORNiA come November ?

In November 2010 the vote to Legalize Marijuana will be on the ballot .. its already a 56% chance it'll pass . You can buy it , grow it , etc .. they will tax us on it . & you have to be 21 . LOVES it .