Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jay & B

i just like her outfit .. simplistic yet pops .

Rihanna Falls

i just had to post this ...

source : @NecoleBitchie

goin back to my long hair dont CARE .

im off my RiHANNA . lol goin back to my Miss Amethyst

Colors for Spring 2010

Shrimp 2 ways . Tacos & Alfredo

shrimp alfredo

shrimp tacos & papas!!

Steak Egg Rolls

steak , red & green bell peppers , onions , shredded cabbage , shredded carrots . BOMBBBBB

Chevy's or On the Border (restaurants)

On The Border

Chevy's fresh mex

which restaurant should i indulge in for my b-day for saturday ??

Missionary Work in Mexi-Cali .. should I ?

I was asked to join this missionary group in late May , go to Mexi-Cali and minister to the women & children about the Good News . They're husbands are locked up ..there was just a 6.7 earthquake there too . Should i go do this ? I'm asking myself over and over am i really to go into another country were the rules and laws are soooo different from the states . But i want to go for the experience . i believe i was created to eventually spread the news .. ill blog this again once I've made up my decision.

Earthquake to hit CALi

In Lu of all these earthquakes & we (Christians) being in the last days , they are now saying CALIFORNIA will soon get hit with a HUGE earthquake . But when ? probably really soon .

Love , Peace , & Music

When i think of the Coachella Music Festival i think of Woodstock for some reason .. those two are very similar .. If you've never been to the music festival .... you should at least go once in your life . So fun , relaxing , hearing all kinds of music , drinking , etc ... loves it !!!