Tuesday, October 19, 2010

GET rid of your GAG reflex LADIES

Ladies try this Lol #fact it works! 
1) Make a fist w your left hand,w your thumb inside it. 
2)Squeeze your thumb as hard as you can. 
3) put your right index finger down your throat. your Gag reflex is gone
I'm sure your dudes will like this bahahahahaha. So start squeezing those thumbs! lmao

shoutout to my HOMEGiRL @CindeeBaybee

its JUST business


i LOVE him

on RAINY days i ENJOY ...

Spaghetti ( MY FAMOUS ) with Filet Mignon and Garlic Bread ( iCHEF )

Dinner & Dessert for that Night



" Let Your Light Shine " dinner iCHEF'D for

          Finalized Menu

Hors d’ Oeuvres –      *Cubed Seasonal Fruits
                                   *Deviled Eggs w/ fresh
                                  *Stuffed Shrimp

Starter        –      House Salad
        or Marinated Tomato & Zucchini Salad

Main         – Chicken Breasts w/Herbed Potatoes                                               and Sautee’d Green Beans

Dessert           – Strawberry Shortcake 

Tuesdays' THOUGHTS


TRENDS on the RiSE

Pin-up Girl panties - High waisted undies
Lace - Leave JUST enough to the imagination

TRENDS that should STAY awhile

Sleek Suits
Utility Coats
The Satchel
Vintage Vibe Watches

                                  The New Oxfords
Vintage Glasses
               Lace Up Boots
Chunky Sweaters
                                           Sleek Button-down Blouses
                     The Chubby cropped faux fur Coats
                       Skinny Trousers

  Mixed Braclets 

CAN you believe THiS ? Jumping the GUN

Frisky Singles can BREATHE easier . Researchers at the University of Iowa found that COUPLES who HOOKED up before they dated could develop relationships as MEANINGFUL as those who got to know each other FIRST .

California Girls

NO comparison ..JUST two CALiFORNiA GiRLS ..un-deniable ...