Friday, October 22, 2010

it GETS better ..

This is unreal.
Another gay teen has taken his life after being bullied at school.
The body of 17-year-old Terrel Williams was found hanging in his closet by his mother just hours after being attacked by 5 classmates after school.
A student at Clover Park High School in Lakewood, Washington, Terrel had endured several attacks including being shoved into a wall and even having his ribs broken.
Terrel had written in a note before hanging himself saying that coming out as a gay teen and having a relationship with boyfriend, Daric Rawr were some of the happiest times of his life. The couple would have celebrated their seventh anniversary this Saturday, which would have been Terrel's 18th birthday.
In his suicide note, he also wrote about the bullying in his school as well as apologizing to his loved ones.
"I'm sorry to my immediate loved ones, but I feel suicide is the only way out. Today, was the record worst day of my life, some kids at school stole some of my stuff that I got from people I really cared about, and that really pushed me over the top, next to being shoved into a wall, and my ribs being broken."
Earlier this week, Terrel's mother Cheryl Williams wrote on Twitter:
"My son meant the world, and high school bullies pushed him over the edge. I hope and pray, that no other child ever has to go through what he did. Bullying isn’t worth it. Why can’t people just be nice?"
Terrel's boyfriend Daric said, "He loved life, but felt the need to take it, because [the bullying] didn’t stop … respectful, whole-hearted people like Terrel, and the growing number of others, shouldn't have to feel suicide is the answer, because bullies won’t stop."
We need to have stricter laws to MAKE bullies stop and to also get the message out there that suicide is not the answer.
Terrel had so much more to offer, as did the countless teens who have taken their lives due to bullying.
So sad.
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final THOUGHTS on the Dinner ( 10-9-10 )

AS you all know i just recently ACCOMPLISHED the biggest GOAL in 2010 .. Chef'n for 100 of women of my CHURCH .. my church ! so the PRESSURE was definitely on!! i POSTED some pics and the MENU this week ( scroll through my posts ) i THANK God for this experience . it was soooooo CHAOTiC . Taking a LEADERSHiP roll means relinquishing some RESPONSiBLiTiES , having a STAFF was the ultimate challenge . Thats why TOP NOTCH restaurants are WELL executed , because the CHALLENGE is the staff . PLUS the guests . i feel like I ran a restaurant and had 100 women in it . I feel like I would HONESTLY hire the BEST staff .. Like i learned sooo much about different people on ... Hmm diifferent Levels ?!?!!! Smh but thank you LORD . i LEARNED that i can definitely OPEN my own RESTAURANT because of the way i handled that night . Dont get me wrong , it was a DiFFiCULT challenge but i finished on top . i also learned about PEOPLE in general , and to be in the INDUSTRIES ill be in in the FUTURE its good to continue to gain experience ..FEEDiNG my brain from a BUSiNESS stand point = time consuming , Performing a Praise Dance = Well Benefited , Cooking and Prepping = over $400 , being head CHEF and handling a staff = PRiCELESS ! What a experience .. so CHEERS ! to many MORE EVENTS in my FUTURE ..

JUST Whip it !