Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a little something about me ...

im a tender love, a FiERCE lover type . despise one that hates . use to be deep in love ; believe i still am . MOMMA PLAYS THE GAME TWICE AS HARD . I MAKE THE RULES . short temper . i find stuck up females funny , the louder they act , the more DESPERATE they look . i cuss like a sailor , but i know the time & place . wildn . sassy .spontaneous . e x t r a o r d i n a r y. speak my mind . but im not ignorant nor hateful . educated . fashion marketer/passion for culinary . will open my own restaurant within the next 4yrs . be on the look-out . enjoy others company . i sometimes come off cocky , but im really friendly . ill make friends w/ anyone . few friends . but THEE COOLEST OF THE BUNCH . my family is my RIB .. if i had to compare us to any family , we would be THE KARDASHIANS <-- real & raw ! thats us . focused on a bright & humble future . addicted to TWiTTER , texting , & aiming . i smoke , occassionally . DRiNK? who doesn't .

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