Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fashion Designer on the RiSE

For some, creating a brand is a way out of the hood, a trend that has over saturated the fashion industry with mediocracy. For others, a clothing line may provide additional branding to an existing household name. Then you have the selective few, who against all odds, take the passion for fashion to un paralleled heights, providing a presence while promoting prestige. Proving that perseverence is key when facing any uphill battle, Anthony "Marquel " Williamson is considered to be the posterchild of prosperity amongst his peers and collegues.

Inspired by the opportunity to provide a person with confidence, and assisting in them feeling good about themselves, Marquel has set out to re store the once fashion savy L.A market, along with a host of other places. By building a brand that every day comsumer can comply with, along with attracting the eye of the upper echelon colture conisuer, Marquel will cement his footprints in the Fashion world.

The "Marquel 1823" line has been tested in the California and New York markets. Receiving nothing but positive feedback and purchasing inquiries, Marquel continues to supply the demand, displaying a wide varieity of apparel, creating the new "in" versus following trends of other solitified and up & coming designers.

Offering a spectrum of hand crafted pieces for male and female alike, (many of which are a 1 of 1) the leg work has a already been done as the line continues to gain supporters. The authenticity of a Marquel 1823 piece goes beyond its fabric or vibrant appeal. Each item is customized to embrace the likes of the consumer. Does this slow down the process? Of course it does, but the end result of a person walking the streets knowing that no one has this exact sweater on is more gratifying then running off 50 of the exact same T-shirt.

In the process of producing material, Marquel takes time out to display an ensemble of products, by not only participating in hi scale fashion shows, but by also providing various models and money makers with pieces, branding the line with some of the best in their respective industries. The sky is the limit for the determined designer and as time progresses and the not so promising industry regresses, the Marquel 1823 brand will continue to gain momentum by catering to those who not only look for what's in the now, but also those who can appreciate affordable alternatives to look good in.

(contact me via twitter or email @marquel1823 or quel1823@gmail.com)

*** yall better watch out , subject to BLOW UP .. haters beware ***

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