Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tops w/ DiRTY BRAS ..

Dear LADiES ,
  Summer time is vastly approaching & Spring is already here . Which means yes , LESS CLOTHiNG . which is fine .. ONLY !!! no DiRTY BRAS w/ your tops , sheer blouses , etc .. that iish is NOT the business . For the sake of the POSSE' & ii getting 7 LAUGHS in at you please wash your bras .. As young ladies thats encoded in our DNA .. be CLEAN from the inside & out .. & that ALSO goes hand & hand w/ DiRT on the back of you NECKS , & RASHES behind your EARS . COCO Chanel always said before you step outside of your house look in the mirror and take 1 thing off .. how about check the areas being exposed in the sun too !

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