Thursday, June 3, 2010

some iNSiGHT ....


There’s only 1 religion . F.Y.I. Christianity .. GOD .I can’t wait for the RAPTURE. The end. have a GOOD one .imma PRAY for YOU .
Still ignorant ... but u believe you were created but not by GOD . Read the 1st chapter in the Bible to find out .
Don’t let man dictate the way your mind thinks . GOD is bigger than MAN .. & you will go before him & explain yourself 1 day .
That’s not preaching that’s being real, your life is going the way u want it because your NOT following GOD .. & the devil loves that .
That’s 2 people in less than 24hrs who DONT believe in GOD &choose not to. smh…this isn’t a coincidence. It speaks about denial in the word LOL in the book of JUDE .
All I can do is LAY the FACTS & the FOUNDATiON .. Ultimately what you CHOOSE to do is between you & GOD . Because u will STAND before him .
or die DURiNG the 7 year tribulation period .
Don’t use man for an excuse on why you haven’t had an interest in GOD .. I’m not here to school anybody .. Unless you push me , or your asking me to . There’s are no BiGGER sin than others except for one .. The ULTiMATE sin you can commit is KNOWiNG about GOD & still CHOOSING to act ignorant about him ..

Now if you know me you know that I’m not the same person I was 2yrs ago .. I’m maturing , still battling some sins but for the most part I’m GOOD & at this point in life its not about “ OMG your one of those Christians “ its sad my generation thinks more like “ I don’t believe in GOD , Jesus isn’t real etc.. “

We are ALL sinners By NATURE . But GOD see's us as PERFECT .

" Sometimes Y0U don't find out Y0U need JESUS --until-- Y0U find out JESUS iS ALL Y0U HAVE . “ - EGO

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