Thursday, June 10, 2010

What Would You Take For Your Spirit , Body , & Soul ? PT 1 .

First , we must put a VALUE on your spirit body and soul , as told by GOD , his son and prophets of old .

Over and over the scriptures EXPRESS the value and worth of everyone , because the creation process was so beautifully done .

I'm grateful for god's awesome LOVE , for all good things come from above .

He made provisions for animals and birds too , as if he had nothing else to do .

His master plan targets man's body , spirit and soul , that he declares more valuable than silver , platinum and gold .

He even sacrificed the life of his only begotten son , to ensure that ViCTORY for us was forever won .

He even lived among us as many have told , just to REDEEM our spirit , body and soul .

So , if god , the creator , placed such high value on your spirit , body and soul , which is you , what do you think you and i ought to do ?

Would you trade you in for a little , " Me and Mrs. Jones " episode , just to reduce your tensions , stresses , and emotional load ?

Try gettin twisted and crazy on crack cocaine , and live in the world of extreme iNSANE .

to be continued .... this poem is 6 pages long .. Written by a BRiLLiANT man : Charles W. Hall

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