Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Would You Take For Your Spirit , Body , & Soul ? PT 2 .

Would you try a little Meth , just for the hell of it , to find out what really , really makes you TICK ?

There's Yayo , Cavy , Work , or whatever the name , ain't it all about the SAME ?

Now , if those little gigs don't sound like a WHOLE lot of fun , just wait a little bit , for im not done .

It's not just SEX and gettin a little HIGH , theres much more to it than meets the EYE .

Oh , there's a barrel of fun when you're out on the make until you come to grips with whats at STAKE .

Well , there's Herpes , Gonorrhea and Syphilis on the run , when you think you're just having FUN .

HIV and AIDS have blind-spots all around , they don't care who they might take down .

Just check the STATS on these bad and ugly diseases , the DEADLY consequences are more than just teases .

Just when you think you're gettin by with that STUFF , Satan steps in and says, " ENOUGH is ENOUGH "

He don't care about your name or your FAME , to him a VICTIM is a VICTIM , they're all the SAME .

** to be continued .... this poem is 6 pages long .. Written by a BRiLLiANT man : Charles W. Hall **

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