Friday, October 22, 2010

final THOUGHTS on the Dinner ( 10-9-10 )

AS you all know i just recently ACCOMPLISHED the biggest GOAL in 2010 .. Chef'n for 100 of women of my CHURCH .. my church ! so the PRESSURE was definitely on!! i POSTED some pics and the MENU this week ( scroll through my posts ) i THANK God for this experience . it was soooooo CHAOTiC . Taking a LEADERSHiP roll means relinquishing some RESPONSiBLiTiES , having a STAFF was the ultimate challenge . Thats why TOP NOTCH restaurants are WELL executed , because the CHALLENGE is the staff . PLUS the guests . i feel like I ran a restaurant and had 100 women in it . I feel like I would HONESTLY hire the BEST staff .. Like i learned sooo much about different people on ... Hmm diifferent Levels ?!?!!! Smh but thank you LORD . i LEARNED that i can definitely OPEN my own RESTAURANT because of the way i handled that night . Dont get me wrong , it was a DiFFiCULT challenge but i finished on top . i also learned about PEOPLE in general , and to be in the INDUSTRIES ill be in in the FUTURE its good to continue to gain experience ..FEEDiNG my brain from a BUSiNESS stand point = time consuming , Performing a Praise Dance = Well Benefited , Cooking and Prepping = over $400 , being head CHEF and handling a staff = PRiCELESS ! What a experience .. so CHEERS ! to many MORE EVENTS in my FUTURE ..

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