Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The WORKS of Amethyst Woodard (@NaT4ThAMeDiA)

So , the LORD has put it on my HEART to go to MEXICALI this Saturday ( 10-30-10 ) til Halloween Night .. EVERY TIME i remember that i'm leaving for this TRIP , i get a NERVOUS , SCARED feeling .. it probably wouldn't be so BAD if it didnt FALL on Halloween and we THEY worship the DEAD .. but im confident , and im sooo READY to wear a sombrero , and EAT some AUTHENTiC tacos !!! i cant wait to exchange AMERICAN dollar$ with PASO$ , and to help these Kids and Mothers who's HUSBANDS are in prison .. and learn some SPANiSH .. im ALREADY awesome with kids but you CAN'T go into another COUNTRY and ask them if they speak ENGLISH . you are in they're COUNTRY ! the QUESTION is do you speak " SPANISH " lol im soooo READY to play the role of the AMERICAN GIRL who gets a CULTURE shock .. PRAY for ME ... WISH ME LUCK !!!

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