Monday, November 8, 2010



Bee's LOVE sugar , all the DOGS here in MEXICO are NOT your friends ... It was such a BLESSING to work with the kids of the community . I LOVED how HUMBLE and LOVING everybody was . The ONLY culture shock was the LANGUAGE . other than that , it was a BEAUTIFUL experience . TACOS were so GREAT , wasn't too CRAZY about to GUACAMOLE . I did LEARN some Spanish . SONRiE' means SMILE . Thank You to everyone who kept our MISSIONARY group in prayer . The turn out was AMAZING . God's work/love is TRULY shining and its a PRIVILEGE to see how HE works . GOD is LOVE . Lot's of ACTION , FUN , LAUGHS , and WORSHIP . Now thats how i like to ROLL . WOULD i go back ? YES . and i WILL be back . Early February 2011 . SUCH an experience . blessing #345,286,098

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