Saturday, May 7, 2011

24th Birthday LETTER

The Lord is steady UNLOCKING these DOORS of wisdom for me and I'm so grateful. Question - How do i channel that WiTHOUT  coming across in an arrogant manner or tone ? I turned 24 , already possessing strands ( grey hairs ) of wisdom . I feel like my body , mind , and soul is definitely maturing & transitioning . It's all just a little OVERWHELMING  because I just want to focus on me and these CHANGES . But i have no surface belief , mines goes root deep . I LOVE THE Lord for allowing me to continue GROWING at my own pace , AND not just spoon FEEDiNG me life , letting me EXPERiENCE , yield , and realize that i am nothing without him . I depend  AND WILL continue to as I CONTiNUE growing up . excited for ANOTHER YEAR , lets see what's in store .

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