Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To WHOM this MAY Concern

I get it , YOU made a mistake , you BEAT up a GIRL & now your REP was tarnished some .. ( I say SOME because you probably STILL download his MIXTAPES , buy his ALBUMS , go see him in CONCERT , FOLLOW him on TWITTER , etc.. [ clears throat B.E.T. your the WORSE ] ) but ALL this BEEF and hating your PROMOTING via SOCIAL sites ???? OMGGG are you serious ? ARE you not that BUSINESS oriented ? like I thought the MUSIC industry was the RAWEST ..  take NOTE of what YOU did , BE ACCOUNTABLE , & stop saying " NIGGA " and " BITCHES " every 2 minutes . if I COULD convince people to NOT support you the way I DON'T it would be BECAUSE you have TRULY embarrassed yourself , & you CONTINUE to do so WITHOUT change , only your NOT BEATING the stuffing off your CHICKS . at least not PUBLICLY .

     Sincerely ,
   Amethyst Woodard

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