Sunday, July 25, 2010

The AGE issue ?!!!!

Dear Anna Wintour ,
My stomach is hurting to write this , which means reading and examining August 2010 's VOGUE gave a stomach ache .. Why would you edit and send this issue to be printed and bonded for the public ? The next time you wanna take control or you think you really want to let's try and actually be creative . Especially when you call this issue the " AGE ISSUE " off the back when i received my monthly subscription in the mail i thought " Oh LORD , this looks boring " but i kept an open mind because last's month's JULY issue was hands down fabulous !! Thinking the age issue would be elevated to a different level in fashion the way I'd never imagine . On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest i give the whole issue a 4 . And thats because SOME of the ADS were okay . From the beginning to the end , its a bore , most of the ADS weren't well put together , i didn't know the age issue would actually gear 97% towards OLD AGE ... Ugh , i could rant on ans on about what you should've and shouldn't had did . September's VOGUE , maybe we should let Andre' Leon Talley iNSTALL his extravagant visions so my eyes and stomach may RECOVER . So what do you THiNK ?

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