Sunday, July 25, 2010

some iNJECTiON ... not REJECTiON ..

This lady who attends my church recently came out to me telling me she used to live a gay LiFESTYLE and that she didn't anymore .Asking me if i had alot of gay friends and what i thought about homosexuality in a CHRiSTiAN church . Just in case some didn't know i don't judge . i have TONS of gay friends . And , it's not a SiN to be GAY . SHOCK you much ? yes , it's TRUE . it's not a sin . But , it is a sin to ACT on your sexual urges . There's this PASTOR in Orange County ( The OC ) and he's gay . He also worked on Obama's Campaign . I just thought I'd share this info because when she gave me her testimony i felt that she should tell more people her story and she felt i should let people know the facts about CHRiSTiANS and homosexuality . So i just thought I'd share that ....

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